Cover Three is a doctor-formulated nutritional supplement specifically designed to support those who have suffered Traumatic Brain Injury.  Launched online and connected to Amazon, they began with their primary product release "Brain Defense," and are in the process of releasing their second product, "Brain Assist." With big revenue goals and professional backing, Cover Three relies on the team at Enquire Digital to support, and implement tools that have and continue to result in their online success.


  • Healthcare
  • e-Commerce
  • Nutritional Supplement

the challenge:

Strategically and successfully plan, implement and manage the full spectrum of development and internet marketing tools necessary to ensure successful launch and growth of the Cover Three line of doctor-formulated nutritional supplements. Collaborate with all stakeholders ranging from company owners/directors to other agencies focused on specific platforms such as Amazon.

the results:

  • Ongoing PPC (pay per click),  SEM (search engine marketing) and SMM (social media marketing) ad design, revisions, launch, management and reporting
  • Complete project management including strategic planning, marketing research, implementation, reporting and consulting on effective resources and tools that have resulting in driving traffic
  • Uniform branding and seamless Shopify web integration with Amazon and other online platforms
  • Remote team management and organization

our solution:

Enquire Digital joined the Cover Three team after initial launch and was involved in providing graphic design and Shopify web development support. Throughout the growth of the brand, our role has increased to offer marketing consulting and strategy in the areas of targeting audience segments, completing customer journey maps and profiles/personas, and crafting initial sales and marketing funnels that have shaped the tools used to market Cover Three products online.

We have been called upon through-out the continued scope of the client's journey to provide support with any digital agency services as needed. Currently, ED is responsible for collaborating with the client's Amazon marketing team, providing development in ensuring data flow between website and Amazon API, project management, packaging and graphic design.  Because of our 30+ years of strategic digital marketing experience Enquire Digital has become a trusted partner in Cover Three's success.

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