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Raw Dog Food and Co is a full scale brick & mortar serving local and online customers with nutritious and healthy alternatives to the standard kibble diet.  The owners are passionate about providing dog owners with best raw dog food along with the education needed in a newer marketplace.  Having established a baseline of customers, Rick and DeDe were ready to level-up and expand their business and double their growth. They came to Enquire for expertise on online strategy, an understanding of their target market and to collaborate on coming up with a unique design that would match their brand while providing them with a website and shop backend that was easy to manage and met their buyers where they were at, along every step of the journey.


  • Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Web Development


  • CBD, Kratom, Hemp
  • e-Commerce
  • Dropshipping

the challenge:

When Kratom Trading first came to us, they were having difficulty with their ecommerce platform, which was set up on Shopify at the time. Kratom was specifically run into problems with processing payments from customers, not being able to easily customize the backends of their site, and design problems.

After sitting down and speaking with our contacts at Kratom, we decided that migrating over to a more customizable and less regulated ecommerce platform would be the preferable course of action. We transferred everything from their existing Shopify platform to a new WooCommerce WordPress-based platform.

This platform permits better customization of the backends, and also made it a breeze for integrating Kratom’s payment processing system. One of the reasons for this is what while Shopify is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, WordPress is an open sourced platform. There were also more design options available on WooCommerce to create a more aesthetically pleasing design that was also more welcoming to customers.

the results:

The biggest challenge with this project was that Kratom was not always certain about which specific web design that they felt would translate to. Fortunately, our web designers were able to work closely together with our contacts from Kratom in order to create a site that they both liked and that would be more appealing to a visiting user.

Finally, we set up a reward system for Kratom to help create repeat customers, which any business needs in order to thrive. To accomplish this, we revisited some custom coupon codes in their WooCommerce set up so that they could offer rewards to their customers.

At the end of this project, we had transferred Kratom’s entire site over to a new ecommerce platform that is easier to customize on the backends, fixed their payment processing issues, made it easier for them to manage their website and update content more consistently, created a rewards system to help create repeat customers, and redesigned their site to give it a more refreshing and welcoming look.

our solutions:

  • Group 27@3x


    Full market research that uncovered key online competitors, buyer personas, and target market demographics that improved the keyword and targeting for search and online advertising.

  • Group 69@3x

    Digital Marketing

    Ongoing PPC (pay per click), SEM (search engine marketing) and SMM (social media marketing), ad design, revisions, launch, management and reporting.

  • Group 33@2x


    Uniform branding and seamless Shopify web integration with Amazon and other online sales platforms.

  • Group 33@2x

    Project Management

    Complete project management including setting direction, remote team management and organization.

meet didja dog

meet didja dog

A new brand with updated colors and custom icons, typography and graphics was created based on market research and in-line with Raw Dog Food and Company's values and aesthetic.  The focus was on the needs of their customers with an emphasis on standing out from the crowd.

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Project Shots

brand elements

brand elements

A new brand with updated colors and custom icons, typography and graphics was created based on market research and in-line with Raw Dog Food and Company's values and aesthetic.  The focus was on the needs of their customers with an emphasis on standing out from the crowd.





Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

Fully Reponsive

Fully Reponsive

Custom Intake Questionnaire

Custom Intake Questionnaire

The client was looking for a way to improve lead generation and funnel prospective and new buyers into a shopping cart by eliminating confusion on where to start. By looking at market research and the needs of the customer, we created a custom Get Started quiz that educated the customer along the way while providing a list of leads for email marketing.

Fully Reponsive

Fully Reponsive

Before & After

After Before

Redesigned Home Page

DC - Home Page

Custom Dynamic Video Feed

Clear Path To Services

Integration with Shopify eComm Store

FAQ's Scattered Throughout

Clearly Highlighted Benefits

Link Through To Custom Questionnaire

Secondary Lead Generation

Highlighted Social Feedback

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